Hey, Tavex people!  

let's create together?

a brief video introduction


in progress...

For those of you who are not aware here is something that we just made with the Bulgarian HR team.

But employer branding is just one thing that we can help you with.

What Else?


All things related to visual creative - photo and video production, design and animation, as described in the introduction video. 

Storytelling is our specialty.


Everything you can pay for on the internet. 

PPC campaigns - google, facebook ads, website banners etc.

SEO and text

We work along with some awesome SEO professionals that have international experience in working with financial companies in English and Bulgarian languages.


We are doers, but will be glad to help with sharing knowledge and expertise. 
Of course when it comes to working together on specific project all of it is in addition to the service as a whole. 

I know your products, services, your brand values and the structure of the company.

Tavex and the people there have huge role in shaping me
 as a professional and taught me a lot about value and business.

So it makes me honoured to now have the privilege to call you one of MAD Stories favourite clients and would be happy to continue working together and help you connect and engage with your desired audience in the digital era.






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