Projects and case studies

This page is dedicated to sharing cool projects and case studies that we are proud of and will be helpful for new clients to get close look to our work, process and capabilities.


Kasaba - Viral Video Marketing

A more in depth look on how we achieved a viral effect on social media with just one very simple video for Kasaba - the rakia

Rapsody Travel - a partnership worths sharing

Our work with Rapsody travel is not only a pleasure but an example on brand storytelling and ways to reuse content on social media.


Motivitystate - All the content you need

Motivitystate is another long therm client that has trusted us with creating content for all of company's digital presence. From videos for social media and new mobile app to newly started podcast.

Tumba Solutions - Employer branding oriented videos

There is a huge problem most companies face nowadays, especially the software ones - how do you attract great people with the right mindset to come and work for you? By producing great content?

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