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documentary style event photography


MAD stands for Marketing and Advertising and it is all about telling the right stories that communicate the uniqueness of a brand, a person, a community.  


Hey, my name is Hristo and I am the founder of MAD Stories.

After being in the sales and marketing industry for the past 7 years I decided  to combine my experience in the field with my urge to create and passion for storytelling. This is how my mad story began.

MAD stories is not an agency nor  just a freelancer's portfolio.

 It is a company of one but not a one man show.

It's a creative endeavour, a life philosophy, a way to see the world.

I do collaborate with other trusted professionals  in the creative industry to tailor and deliver your message in the best possible way. We will make it authentic, breathtaking, inspiring and professional. The way it truly should be.

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